FlavorFusion Beverage Dispenser

Provide Customers With the "Ultimate Drink Experience"

  • Increase Customer Offerings
  • Increase Sales
  • 16 Flavor Shot
  • 32 Drink Options
  • Meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guidelines

Decals for the new ADA Flavor Fusions are now available!

Offering unlimited drink combinations, FlavorFusion™ houses 16 brands

(14 chilled) – each position is 100% flexible for carb or non-carb drinks. Dedicated bonus flavor nozzles can add up to eight additional flavors. A traffic-drawing illuminated merchandiser with customized graphics beacons to customers...and all this in a space-saving 30” footprint.

FlavorFusion Beverage DispenserSo how does theirs compete with other dispensers already on the market?

As product manager for FlavorFusion™, Chris Dagiantis, says, "With FlavorFusion™, customers are in control." Unlike other machines, FlavorFusion™ allows consumers to decide when, which–most importantly–how much bonus flavor goes into their cup.

Cornelius engineers kept store owners in mind, too...

FlavorFusion’s drip trays retain 20% more capacity than current models–reducing area mess. Its flush valves rinse and clean after every activation, and the dispenser can accommodate a top mount icemaker using and integrated adapter kit. Programming flavors is turn-key, too–done directly from the board with no special tools.