Perfect Parfait Farm Fresh Yogurt Dispensing System

An innovative, easy-to-use compact dispenser design
Perfect Parfait™, in partnership with Silver King, now offers the freshest new concept in fresh yogurt service. Easy-to-load, maintain, and operate with the touch of-a-button, the Perfect Parfait™ Fresh Yogurt dispenser (patent pending) is ideal for both front- and back-of-house use for your buffet, retail offering, or food service operation.

Front-of-the-house use
Combined with high-quality, farm-fresh Perfect Parfait yogurt, the streamlined Perfect Parfait dispenser offers guests a fresh, customizable alternative to the usual, and often more costly, self-serve offerings. This versatile, compact dispenser can also serve as a portable yogurt bar kiosk. When teamed with fruit, granola, and any number of other toppings, the Perfect Parfait system provides a flexible, fun way to build individually customized yogurt parfaits.

Back-of-the-house use
When used by an in-house food prep crew, the Perfect Parfait dispenser offers a clear advantage over conventional “scooping” parfait preparation. This unique design can deliver consistent, portion-controlled servings, while maintaining higher sanitary standards for optimal food safety.

Perfect Parfait Frozen Yogurt Dispensing System

Two models
There are two Perfect Parfait dispenser options, providing the best match of a dispensing system to your specific requirements.

    Back-of-the-House Unit, dispenses a 14 lb. bag of Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt. This rugged stainless steel dispenser measures 28” tall, 9.5” wide” x 24.75” deep, and weighs 95 lbs.
    Front-of-the-House Unit, dispenses an 14 lb. bag of Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt. With an attractive, black powder-coated finish, this compact unit measures 28” tall, 9.5” wide” x 25” deep, and weighs 95 lbs.

Ultimately, the Perfect Parfait system delivers an exceptional level of ROI for most any market currently serving conventional yogurt cups.


  • Savings of up to 60%
  • Longer product shelf life in our proprietary bag-in-the-box packaging. Unopened bags of yogurt stay fresh up to 75 days, and once inserted into the dispenser, the yogurt stays fresh up to 10 days.
  • Lower labor cost


The freshest yogurt from the freshness experts: farmers.

More and more, consumers are insisting on yogurt that not only tastes supremely fresh, but also is made from the highest quality ingredients.

Perfect Parfait™ Fresh Yogurt delivers this farm-to-table fresh taste, and is made with only Grade A milk from our 110-year old farmer-owned creamery in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland,. Freshness and quality are assured, as this dairy has earned designation as a SQF3 Quality Certified Supplier – the highest standard available for food service providers anywhere.

This cooperative is also certified as Kosher and has earned a MOSA certification as an organic producer. Cost effectiveness is preserved, too: Perfect Parfait yogurt contributes to the overall cost savings of the total system.

Flavor varieties

Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt is available in three distinct varieties and flavors: traditional low-fat, Certified Organic, and on-trend Greek. Each flavor consists of only the highest quality ingredients. In addition, a low-fat, low-sugar Perfect Parfait variety provides an excellent option for the health-conscious market. High in protein and naturally low in fat and sugar content, all Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt varieties are ideal for today’s tastes and lifestyles.

See product specifications and nutritional information for:

Any way, any time of day

Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt is ideal when served as a meal with toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, nuts, and dried fruit. But it can also be a fun snack indulgence at other times of the day with treat-type toppings like chocolate chips, crushed cookies, and candies.

Our proprietary, disposable bag-in-the-box yogurt packaging makes loading the dispenser quick and easy, and assures optimal freshness; the yogurt is never touched or exposed to air. In fact, unopened bags of Perfect Parfait yogurt will stay fresh up to 75 days. Even after being loaded into the dispenser, the yogurt stays fresh up to 10 days.


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