Introducing Nordic Ice Makers and Ice Dispensers from IMI Cornelius

Nordic Ice Makers and Ice Dispensers

IMI Cornelius proudly introduces the Nordic line of ice makers and ice dispensers. Built for long lasting performance, the Nordic line of ice makers represents a new era in ice making reliability, sanitation, energy compliance and application fit from Cornelius.

Nordic ice makers are packed with features that ensure reliable performance over the life of the ice maker including:

Stainless Steel Construction

High quality, corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction inside and out ensures lasting durability and appearance over the life of the ice maker

Harvest Assist

All Nordic ice makers feature harvest assist technology which reduces energy consumption and results in a dryer ice that clumps less in the bin or hopper and is easier to dispense. Harvest assist works by mechanically dislodging the ice from the evaporator with a probe. This reduces the heating of the evaporator and simultaneous running water over the ice to release it. This feature protects the performance of the machine in areas where scale build up is prevalent and can hamper ice making performance and the benefit of harvest assist actually becomes greater as the machine ages.

Oversized Condenser

Nordic ice makers feature an oversized condenser with wide fin spacings which does not require an air filter. This means there is no costly air filter to replace or get clogged and hamper the ice makers performance over time. The oversized condenser allows Nordic to have the highest recommended operating temperature limits in the industry.

Antimicrobial Protection

Nordic ice makers are sanitary and feature Agion® antimicrobial protection effective against mold, mildew and fungus. Agion is naturally safe, odorless and tasteless and provides effective protection for the life of the ice machine.

  • Nordic has the right fit for any ice application
  • Wide variety of models and sizes
  • Choose half cube or full cube sizes
  • Choose air, water or remote condensers
  • 22” and 30” wide hotel dispensers
  • Offering some of the industry's lowest height profiles

In addition, Nordic ice makers and dispensers are easy to install and service!