Upright and Under Counter Coolers & Freezers


  • Temperature Control - Exterior digital temperature control system located on top of freezer.
  • Refrigeration System - Self-contained, bottom-mounted refrigeration system utilizes CFC-free R-404a (freezer) or R-134a (cooler) refrigerant.
  • Shelves - Slide shelving system with 3 or 6 vinyl-coated wire shelves for easy product storage.
  • Removal of Moisture - Evaporative hot gas condensate pan for moisture removal from refrigeration system.
  • Doors - Automatic door closure system with 90º hold-open feature, reinforced door hinges, and installed door lock - available in 1 or 2 door models.
sv_2door_upright2 Door Upright

Impulse Series - Refrigerated Display Cases

SandenVendo Impulse Series Refrigerated Display CaseImpulse Series Refrigerated Display Case

Equipment That Provides Solutions...

  • Performance - A larger compressor condensing unit increases display case productivity
    • RD-8 utilizes a 1.25 HP compressor
    • RD-2 & RD-3 utilize a 1.0 HP compressor
  • Variety - All refrigerated displays are available with either a Self Contained or Remote condenser
  • Assembly - Two 4 foot sections make field assembly quick and easy
  • Shelf Configurations (6-12) - Increase product capacity with multiple shelf configurations
    • RD-8 provides a total of 12 selling surfaces and over 53 cubic feet of space for excellent product variety
    • RD-2 & RD-3 provide a total of 6 selling surfaces and over 26 cubic feet of product space
  • Lighting - Improved lighting creates an attractive selling environment while showcasing available products
  • Product Display - Glass end plates and two position shelving improve visual presentation and increase "impulse-buy" sales
  • Refrigeration System - Holds desired product temperatures while cold air recirculation system seals in freshness and extends product shelf life
  • Space Saving Design - Versatile design allows for a wide variety of unit placement options
    • RD-8 designed for back to back aisle or wall placement
    • RD-2 & RD-3 designed for back to back aisle, wall, or end-cap display placement