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SandenVendo Products

SandenVendo offers a full line of hot food display cases, refrigerated show cases and open air merchandisers that are well-lit, visually attractive, with plenty of room for custom graphics, menu boards, or logos that help expand impulse sales.
Hot Food Display Cases

Why We Love SandenVendo Hot Food Display Cases


All models come with both bottom and top down heat. The top down heat works from a combined infrared and Xenon heat lamp system, providing superior product temperature stability.

Flexible Temperature

The Open Displays are not restricted on temperature adjustment. Each shelf can be adjusted separately and can be set from low to high. This allows for a wide variety of products to be held in the same display.

Attractive Lighting

Xenon light bulbs create a well-lit product display for maximum customer appeal.

Shelf Configurations

Designed to be adjustable, the Open Display shelves can be positioned flat, or they can be tilted to a 7° degree angle with one simple adjustment. This feature eliminates the need to purchase multiple models for changing needs in marketing and product displays.

Divider Rods

All Open Displays come standard with divider rods to provide separation between products.

Great Selection of Accessories

These optional additions help you get the most out of your display case
Stainless Steel Food Pans - removable
Hard Anodized Pizza Pans - removable
Point-of-Purchase Kit - fits on front of shelf
Wire Food Rack - removable (only available for 2' Mini HFD)
SandenVendo Hot Food Display Case

Hot Food Display Case

SandenVendo Hot Food Open Topper Display Case

Hot Food Open Topper

SandenVendo Mini Hot Food Display Case

Mini Hot Food Display Case

SandenVendo High Capacity Hot Food Display Case

High Capacity Hot Food Display Case

SandenVendo ... Delivering Excellence!

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