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Cash Management Solutions

United Fast Food & Beverage Service will work with you to select the right cash management solution for your operation.  As a Registered Tidel Dealer our customers have access to the most comprehensive portfolio of cash automation solutions, including smart safes, their connected peripherals, and cash recyclers, all of which optimize the full spectrum of retail cash environments; from single till, low cash volume to the largest and most sophisticated retail cash operations. 

Our solutions have helped our customers optimize their cash handling processes, deploy their labor where it is best utilized, reach higher levels of cash visibility and accountability, and provide a more secure environment for their employees and customers.

Great C Store & Gas Station Solutions

Tidel Series 4 Smart Safe

Series 4 Smart Safe

  • 7” Color console screen
  • Power supply and main CPU board accessible via the console
  • 4 bottom options – storage vault (includes drop slot), mailbox drop vault, till storage vault, or pedestal
  • Support for single or bulk note validators
  • Support for standard (1,200 notes) or XL (2,250 notes) cassettes
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or iButton allows managed access to functions, reports, and instant access
  • Validator maintenance door – enables validator heads to be removed in the event of a note jam

The Tidel Series 4 helps retail organizations effectively manage their cash deposits while adapting to the ever-changing needs of their business. The Tidel Series 4 offers multiple vault options, including a standard storage vault, mailbox drop vault, or till storage vault. The Series 4 was designed with serviceability in mind. The Tidel Series 4 main CPU board and power supply are easily accessible via the console, making service calls faster, more secure, and less expensive. The note validator maintenance door enables store managers to clear note jams without the need for a service call, providing substantial savings in cost and time.

Tidel Series 4 Tube Vend

Series 4 Tube Vend

  • Integrated tube loading gate that prevents unauthorized loading of tubes
  • Stores 11 tubes of 8 denominations for a total of 88 tubes
  • Each tube can hold up to 20 notes or a roll of coins
  • Optional detached Tube Vend available for space-constrained environments

The Tidel Tube Vend, when deployed with the Series 4, helps retail organizations manage their in-store change fund while reducing the risk of internal theft, streamlining in-store management time, and creating greater efficiencies in store operations.

The Tube Vend is an effective solution to help a retail organization manage its in-store change fund. The Tube Vend offers 8 columns that can fit up to 11 tubes per column, and each tube can be fitted with either notes or coins. Once the tubes are loaded and recorded using the Series 4 console, the inventory is then automatically tracked and recorded as it is removed by authorized store personnel.

The Series 4 end-of-day report will display the amount of cash removed by each employee, by user PIN, along with the amount of cash deposited into the Series 4 note validators or into the manual drop slot.  The sum of all transactions, by PIN, will assist the manager in balancing each cashier against their cash sales recorded by the point of sale system. Tube inventory reports will inform the manager how much change is required to load the Tube Vend, which is typically a once per day function.

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